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Artist Statement:  “I find endless inspiration in the world around me, including the southwest and landscape of the Colorado Plateau and local Durango area, along with  animal, figurative and botanical subjects. Cloudscapes, skies and highways are recurrent themes in my work as well.

My painting style ranges from colorful expressionist depictions of landscape elements to a more representational style for figurative and still life subjects, with the majority of my work falling within a looser, impressionistic style
, particularly my plein air landscapes.
While I have worked in and experimented with different media throughout the years, I now work almost exclusively in both soft pastel and oils.  I love the immediacy of pastel and its glowing, vibrant effects, particularly on black paper.  Oils allow for unlimited colors and a harmonious palette, along with the ability to incorporate texture and brush stroke work into the painting.”
Biography:  Despite an early and enduring interest in art, my path to becoming an artist was anything but direct.  While working on my BS in nutritional science/exercise physiology at the University of Arizona in the mid ‘80’s, I took two art classes that helped strengthen the foundation for my drawing skills and introduced me to color.  Aside from that formal instruction, I am essentially self-taught.  
My original intended career was in medicine, and I attended the podiatry college in San Francisco starting in ’90.  During both medical school and my post-graduate residency program, I continued to draw and was hired to do pen and ink medical illustrations both through a work study program and as commissions for publication and lectures.
Following completion of my training, I relocated back to Arizona to set up my private practice as a podiatric physician and surgeon.  After eight years in practice, I made the decision to retire from medicine for both personal and business reasons - a choice I have not regretted.  I am now pursuing my true passion as an artist, and am blessed to have the support of my partner, Wayne, as I continue along this new path.
After living Flagstaff and Prescott, AZ during my medical career, we spent 3 1/2 years in coastal CT after I retired.  Finally, in July of 2010, we were able to realize our long-term plans and relocate permanently to Durango.  
When I’m not painting, I enjoy trail running, hiking and snowshoeing in the San Juans, and traveling, camping and backpacking throughout the Four Corners region.  

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