Please note that all photographs, artwork and written content on this blog are the copyrighted property of myself, Sonya Johnson. If you wish to use any of the images or other content here, please ask first.  

Permissions for use of photos and artwork: - may be used for personal, educational or non-commercial use on your website or blog as the lower resolution, resized images posted to the blog, as long as I am notified and credited with the photo via a link back to my blog.  If my name is on the photo, please do not remove it. Artists wishing to use my photos as a source in creating your own original artwork [that is: works created in oils, acrylics, graphite, watercolor, sculpture, etc.] are welcome to do so; crediting me with the original reference image is appreciated and the courteous thing to do. Please note that you may not sell, in whole or in part, any of my photos; that right belongs to me exclusively.

Use in printed material - stock images: if you wish to use any of my photos - either as originals or as the basis for a derivative image - in printed materials for any reason, high-resolution image files are available for purchase. This is not a copyright transfer and does not give rights to print and sell the freestanding images (ie, a gallery print) - that right belongs exclusively to me.

No copying or derivative work of my original artwork (paintings, drawings or sculpture) is permitted for any reason. If you wish to use photos of my artwork on your blog or elsewhere, that is fine - I just ask that you provide a link back to my blog.

Unless otherwise indicated, most original artwork (drawings, paintings, sculpture) are available for purchase - please inquire if interested.

Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions pertaining to these use guidelines or other questions about my artwork.

Thank you for respecting my copyright guidelines, and those of all other artists whose work you enjoy on the web!


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