Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aerial Sky Series - pastel

Here are the first two paintings, both completed yesterday evening, of an aerial sky-themed series.  These, like the "Take Off - DIA" painting from a few days ago, are also based on photos taken during that short flight from Denver to Durango.  It will remain to be seen how many of these end up in the series; I'll continue as long as I have inspiration and material to draw from.

After doing the canoe painting, which was a bit tighter than I like to work, I kept these small - 5x7"- so I could work quickly and keep them loose.  The first was done with an alcohol wash.  The second just had a quick initial sketch with a white pastel pencil prior to jumping in with the softies.  I could see revisiting these later as larger pieces, perhaps in oils.

"Monsoon View" 
pastel on sandpaper, 5x7"

"Sunset over San Luis Valley"
pastel on sandpaper, 5x7"

More to come.


  1. Love your work with clouds, both photos and pastel paintings. It is a tremendously difficult subject to paint, as you are only painting air, nothing is solid. Glad I found your blog.

  2. Loriann - thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments; they are appreciated! I have been following your blog for months, ever since I first saw it via a link on Soft Pastel News.

    My obsession with clouds and skies keeps me pounding away at them, despite their challenges. They are an invigorating subject.


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