Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reflections and Boats - Sailboat solo

Here is #2 in the reflections and boats series.  This small sailboat sits just off shore along the eastern side of the Mystic river, tethered by two small ropes.  I was drawn to its simple shapes and colors, and of course, the reflections.

I ended up doing some finger blending on the boat and its reflection, so I could obtain better coverage of the paper and to provide a more accurate color.  As a result, the paper color (Leaf Green Dark) shows through on the water, adding a bit of a transparent contrast to the boat.

What I also wanted to avoid was over-working and fussing too much with the reflections.  After selecting the basic colors and values I wanted, I just blocked them in and added the additional colors around or on top of the initial layer.  I'm hopeful that by the time I finish this series, I'll be much more competent at rendering this challenging subject.

"Sailboat Solo" - 9x12"
Colourfix paper


  1. Beautiful reflections ..the colors move with elegance.

  2. Aw, thank you, Loriann! I was reminded looking at your post yesterday what a great job you do on reflections, and really, how inspiring they are for me, so your comment means a great deal.

    They are challenging to paint, but rewarding when even parts of them look convincing, so I'll keep at it :).


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