Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A trio of small studies: #37-39 - FC & CP series

Busy day in my studio today - the next three small studies in the series, and an initial block-in of color on #41, which is 11x14".   By the time I'd finished the three smaller works, the larger went really fast.  Nice smooth canvas and the paint put down effortlessly.

Junction - #37
6x8 oil on canvas paper

In "Junction", interesting things are going on.  One cliff terminates in a concave, tree-covered slope.  Another cliff begins as a convex rise to the east formed of pale yellow-pink sandstone.  The much higher Black Mesa resides in the back.  I didn't really capture the steep slope or its sharp-edged contours in this painting, but that is what the center area represents.  
Organ Rock Approach - #38
6x8 oil on canvas paper

If this looks familiar, it should:  we are back to the O.R. monocline.  I love this view of it as the highway bears to a slight northeastern direction to curve around the rock slope to the south.  As the highway turns the corner, that's when you see the full view of the monocline.  I did take more photos of it on the trip back, but for the sake of continuity, I'm only painting views seen from the passenger side.  

Rez Quartet - #39
6x8 - oil on canvas paper

More creatures - bovine-style.  At least I think they are sort of cattle-shaped!  At this point in the drive, we are past Kayenta and Black Mesa, and a new mesa is present, forming cliffs of a reddish-purple sandstone.  The land the cattle graze on is beautiful pink sand.  How these are able to find nourishment out here is a puzzle to me - the green you see is mostly tumbleweed, not grass.  

Tomorrow, it's another road trip, this time to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with Wayne's family.  Due to a major storm that is supposed to roll in tonight and produce snow and possible dangerous driving conditions, we will be heading south through Farmington and Gallup, and then west along I-40 to Flagstaff, instead of this route along Hwy 160.  We are planning on returning via Hwy's 89 and 160, though.

I'm preparing a couple of posts to go up while I'm out of town.  I'm not sure I'll have any internet access (or very limited at best) until we get back sometime late on Saturday.  So, regular posting will resume on Sunday.

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Nice, I like the creatures here and previous post.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Thanks, Liz :) - rendering the creatures as simple, yet convincing, equine and bovine forms was a challenge, especially so small! I'm glad you like them.


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