Friday, February 25, 2011

Impending Storm - southern Utah

Impending Storm
6x8 inches
oil on canvas panel

A quick piece done yesterday, the location for this is off Hwy 191, which runs south to north alone the eastern edge of Utah.  Originating in northeastern AZ, it heads north through the small towns of Bluff, Blanding and Monticello, UT.  The road to the Needles District of Canyonlands NP is a few miles north of this view to the west.  The highway then continues through Moab, passing by Arches NP, before finally terminating at I-70.   This part of the Colorado Plateau is characterized by flattened sandstone mesas separated by shallow canyons, wide valleys and the discreet laccolithic mountain ranges of the Abajos and La Sals.  It is a visual delight.

The sky depicts the precursor of a storm - the formation of the cumulonimbus or thunderhead.  The distinctive anvil shape occurs when the towers of warm, moist air of the cumulus congestus rise and hit the cooler air of the troposphere, preventing the cloud from gaining additional height.  With the addition of winds at the troposphere, the leading edge of the cloud extends horizontally, often sending out wispy extensions, as shown here.   I always look forward to summer monsoon season in the southwest because of these magnificent storm clouds.  


  1. We just had a mini snow storm here in Portland - but it has passed and we have sunshine today!

  2. Lucky you, Helen; we are expecting another 3-5" of snow from the storm that's passing through CA now, and skies are gray right now.

  3. Marvelous.
    I noticed something bizarre: the last couple of days, your thumbnail isn't appearing on my blog, and my isn't on yours. ???

  4. Thanks, Jala. I have been noticing that same issue with the blogger thumbnails as well! It seems an increasing number aren't showing up on people's blogs; yours didn't, Casey's didn't, along with several others on mine.


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