Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring comes to Durango - photo set

Some photos taken on a walk-about in downtown Durango yesterday - a placeholder until I have something new in my studio to share:

Detail of cherry blossom tree

Purple tulip with buds
Growing in a small retaining wall garden in the median right across from our new condo

Trees in bloom in downtown Durango

A trio of daffodils 

Flowering branch detail

Bi-color tulips 

Cherry tree at our current place



  1. Beautiful, Sonya!! Spring is finally here!

  2. Carol and Martha - thank you for stopping by :).

    Spring is indeed finally here, and in addition to seeing the profusion of blooming bulbs and trees, I'm glad it's t-shirt weather.

  3. Spring has arrived! I pulled two ticks today! Okay, not exciting, but a sign of spring.

    You are a good photographer, Sonya.

  4. Casey - ack! I have a major tick phobia, and the last time (and thankfully only time) I pulled one off, in CT - I got Lyme disease. But, you're right - spring & tick season are now in full swing.

    Thanks for the words on my photos. I love my camera!

  5. Great photographs!

    I came to say what wonderful images you captured. Now I'm thinking about when my dog Murphy had a "big old tick," on his back....

  6. Hi Jo Ann - thanks for stopping by (and following) to comment! Sorry you have that visual of your poor dog cat used to get them on his eyelids and face when we lived back there. Awful!

    I'm glad you like the photos - it's so pretty around town now :).


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