Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More cloud studies from my deck, pastel

It's officially "cloud season" here in Durango, and after having a few months completely devoid of anything of interest in the sky, I'm celebrating!

Clouds Against the Slope of Smelter Mtn
12x12 inches, pastel on black Strathmore
©2011 Sonya Johnson

This was actually done on the same day as the previous cloud painting, later in the afternoon, and from our lower deck.  Smelter Mtn. is in its full summer greens, courtesy of lots of Gambel's oak.  These clouds, probably a combination of cumulus and altostratus, displayed very windswept tails.  Just like the cumulus, they're constantly morphing into new shapes and sizes.  

And, from yesterday morning, also from the lower deck:

Morning Sky with Twin Buttes
9x12 inches, pastel on black Strathmore
©2011 Sonya Johnson

The bottom half of the sky in the distance was filled with the thin, nebulous altostratus clouds.  These are fun, because they have lots of lost and found edges, although this paper makes obtaining that effect sometimes difficult.   Higher up and closer are scattered altocumulus, forming broken patches and ridges.

I did another painting from the deck yesterday afternoon, just prior to the rainstorm we had, on Strathmore charcoal (laid surface) paper, but it's just too crappy to post.  The neighbors who came up through the garage stairs saw me working on it and thought it was "beautiful", and no offense to them, but it was not.  

I didn't post the photos I took from our trip to Andrews Lake that I promised earlier, as I got carried away with the whole Engineer Mtn. theme, so here are today's load of photos:

Andrews Lake 
3-part pano

For a fun comparison, here's what Andrews Lake looked like on February 12.  Taken from almost the same location, it's sort of the middle of the pano shot:

Osprey close-up...sort of
This was as close a shot as I could get of her flying over
 the lake.  

Anemone multifida - on the hill where I was painting

Sultan and Grand Turk Peaks, as seen from the Crater Lake trail
3-part pano

Taken in a small winding meadow stream off the trail - where did all of those teals and purples come from?  This might be my new favorite water abstract.

A section of the meadow stream...would be an awesome location for painting if not for the clouds of mosquitos

Rock outcropping and monsoon sky
3-part vertically-oriented pano

A friendly reminder to those of you who have been downloading my photography and artwork (FYI...StatCounter shows me your location, ISP host and addresses, along with the file(s) you download):  
You are welcome to use these for PERSONAL USE ONLY.   Artists can use the photos to paint their own ORIGINAL art.  If you share or use any image content on this blog, you need to attribute it to me.  Kindly do not remove my name from the photos, or the signature off my paintings if you share them.  I purposely re-size everything I post here to minimize theft (read:  people making money off of my original work without compensating me).  
Want to use any of my photos or artwork images for stock (commercial) purposes?  Email me and we'll discuss terms and rates.   Ditto if you'd like to purchase a high-quality print of anything posted here.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!


  1. beautiful paintings and photos. I loved what you said about FaceBook on SamArtDog's blog. I hooked up my blog through blog catalogue so it posts to FB, but beyond that... I'm not a fan although I can see why people enjoy it. Kind of banal in my book and I'm not being an elitist.

  2. Thanks Mary; I appreciate your visit and comments. This is Round 2 using FB for me; I completely deleted my original personal account because I found it to be, as you said on Sam's blog, "so high school" and filled with useless, banal drivel from people, even friends.

    I reluctantly started a new account as a "page", but it's been much better since I don't ever post to or read the personal profile feed.


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