Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Studio stacks

Something different (and fun, I hope).

I recently discovered Seth Apter's blog - The Altered Page, which is geared towards mixed media artists.   I find mixed media fascinating and wonderful, probably because I don't do it and it seems daunting to me. He regularly profiles mixed media artists on his blog, and it's always a good read, regardless of the medium you work in.

In today's post, he invites artists to post photos of their stacks:  of art, paper, journals - whatever...because yes, we've all got 'em.  I've got stacks of pastel paintings, some carefully stored in a covered storage box, and more recent ones haphazardly stacked atop each other on my shelves.  And lots of oil paintings - on canvas paper, board and panels.

So, I rounded much of everything up, including a 20 year old sketchbook, and made stacks on my studio table downstairs.  What you don't see is the surrounding clutter and shelves full of art supplies, large unfinished paintings and frames on the floor, and the general miscellany that goes with being an artist.

Studio stacks - the gestalt
Included is an in-progress painting and the computer monitor I use with my laptop,
the bin for my oils and my pastel trays
The pastel stack - over 200 paintings!
Most finished, some not (including several plein air pieces)

Side view of the pastel stack - the scrapbook holds earlier ones
Behind the stack is an old wooden box for still life props
with all the 1:2 format plein air pastels I've done this summer

The stack of oils, my favorite sketchbook, and some small pastels in glassine
Good grief!  Now I need to put it all away...


  1. This is like an exhibition of all your work. Amazing to see so much artwork stacked together like it is. I love the peeks of the pieces that are in view. Thanks for joining the project.

  2. How amazing to be able to go back through a 20 year old journal! Very creative stacks!

  3. Wonderful-and very cool that you still have a journal from 20 yrs ago~what fun.

  4. It's amazing how fast it all adds up when you paint everyday. It calls for a certain amount of creativity just to store it all so you can make room for more.

  5. Wow, you've been busy for a long time!! How wonderful to see all that beautiful stacked art!
    ♥ audrey

  6. Such lovely paintings, and such a wonderful stack too! :]

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments - I appreciate them!

    Dan - so true. Thank goodness most of this is pastel on paper and not oil on canvas, right? Thanks to this stacks project, I've now consolidated all the pastels in a covered box.

  8. beautiful artistic stacks you have there!!!

  9. WOW your paintings are fantastic!!!
    I would so love to see them all in real life.
    Awesome stacks, keep smiling and creating

  10. Patty S - thanks much for the visit and comment :)

    Fairyrocks - thank you for the sweet and encouraging comments; I appreciate them!

  11. Wonderful stacks! Very nice, indeed!!

  12. Dave and Amanda - thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  13. Oil painting is so daunting. But I'm so delighted to see your stacks, especially the ones of your art in progress or recently finished. Sorry I'm late arriving, but I've been taking a long look at all the stacks.

  14. Lovely display of your work, your stack is like sifting through the landscape. xox Corrine

  15. Thank you so much Elizabeth (and Bleubeard) and Corrine for your visit and comments - I appreciate them!

  16. still working my way through seth's list. those stacks are greatness. artistic history. thanks for sharing!


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