Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter landscape - Starting the new year off

First off, a Happy New Year to everyone!  I am a little slow out of the blocks, painting-wise, for 2012, but hopefully, this painting will break my low output for the past month.

I'm not generally prone to making resolutions for the new year, as that sounds a bit too formative and absolute.  So, I tend to think more of goals I'd like to try and achieve throughout the year, based on the direction(s) I'd like to see my art go, and areas that I feel could stand improvement (well, that would be everything, actually).  I have some ideas orbiting around in my head, and one of my goals is to actually make those a reality instead of a mere idea.  We'll see.

In the meantime, here is today's painting.   Another one of those "ordinary" scenes, with snow, blue shadows and yep - dead grasses.  Bonus:  getting to paint ice on the stream.

Shoreline Shadows
12x12 - pastel on black cardstock
© 2012, S.Johnson
I have more of these winter river scenes planned from photos taken last week, and they are dying to get out of my head and onto some paper.

However, due to the amazing weather we've been having lately, a trip is planned tomorrow...and I am hoping a plein air painting will be forthcoming.


  1. Love all the colors. And a sunny day always lifts one's spirit!

  2. maybe an ordinary scene, but not an ordinary painting! Great values! 60 degrees up here today!

  3. Hi Helen - thanks much for stopping by.

    Hi Pam - thanks so much. Great to take advantage of the mild winter weather while it lasts, right?

  4. Beautiful! Thankfully, we have no real snow here, so I can view winter vicariously through your art.

  5. There is nothing ordinary about this painting, Sonya! Wow! It's beautiful! I hope that you had a wonderful time painting outdoors today. I can't wait to see the results!

  6. Ordinary is good! We need to appreciate the ordinary in life. It is all a part of real living. I really love the grasses in your last few paintings.

  7. LeAnn - thank you. I am happy to provide a vicarious or virtual snow experience through my paintings, esp. since it seems that when NE gets snow, it's often in the form of major blizzards - ugh!

    Hi Darla - thank you as always for your kind words :). I am hoping to finish up the painting I did based on our trip to post later. Not plein air, though...

    Thanks much, Ruth. I totally agree about "ordinary is good". I guess trying to bring the commonplace scenes we often overlook to attention through paintings is something I really enjoy.

  8. I think you're on a roll, keep them coming.

  9. Thanks Dan - once I finish this latest piece on my easel, I'll resume the roll, hopefully...

  10. Wow I love the colors in your snow paintings. They are so beautiful. And the dead grass (which looks very lively here) and the ice, you're a pro at these. :) I just went out the other day looking for winter scenes to paint and saw a few images like the one you painted, but yours is prettier.

  11. Thanks so much, Crystal. I probably sound like a broken record, but I'd forgotten how much I enjoy painting these snow scenes. The shadows cast from the snow fascinate me, and I love the colors. I think this is the first time I've painted ice, so I'm glad it looks convincing :).

    I don't know if you've gotten any snow recently (we haven't in 2 weeks now), but that's probably why it's not looking so great out there these days. I'm not bothering to go out with my camera until we got more snow.


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