Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Organ Rock monocline - landscape painting, oil

Next in the Road Trip series, spread out over two sessions...
[ETA:  photo re-taken on March 19 in natural light to depict more accurate colors]

Shadow Pathways - #11
12x12 inches - oil on wood board
© S.Johnson
This was started almost a week ago, and then sat on my easel while I did other paintings and things.

The clouds were fun to paint; the foreground was easy, and the cliffs of the monocline and its shadows were the challenge.

It will probably be the last post before our trip to Phx on Tuesday; I'm of course bringing my easel and plan to try and paint every day if I can.  Since there are no holiday obligations to attend to for this trip, the painting logistics should be better.  We are hoping to spend a day in the Superstitions hiking, and I'm hoping I can get a painting in there as well.


  1. Have a wonderful and inspiring trip!

  2. I can feel those clouds shifting! Lovely painting.
    hHve a great trip!

  3. Thanks LeAnn - I'm really looking forward to it now as it is currently snowing here.

    Thanks, Debbie - it was really hard to capture the shadows on the cliff/rock faces, but I'm glad you can tell what you are seeing.

  4. Thanks, Helen - I actually just re-photographed the painting to get rid of the yellow cast that I couldn't correct out from last night's artificial light shot.

  5. Love the painting. Have a fun painting-filled road trip! Love the Superstitions. Haven't been there ins years.

  6. Thanks, Liz. I think the bigger size was a bit challenging, but it was good to at least give it a try. We are back from our trip; no Superstitions, though.


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