Monday, April 30, 2012

Cedar Mesa, UT, part II - shadows in plein air, pastel

Because one painting and a 9.6 mile hike wasn't enough for a day...

Camp Shadows - plein air, 12x12 inches
pastel on brown cardstock
© 2012, S.Johnson

After we returned from the Arch Canyon hike, everyone immediately gets situated in some captain chairs and cold beer is in order.  While sitting in the shade of our friend's camper awning, drinking my beer, I note that the view right in front of me is actually pretty neat!

It's got the distal rise of the sandstone, lots of colorful cottonwoods, sagebrush and dried chamisa.  Oh, and really neat shadows from a huge cottonwood just out of view.  Feeling ambitious, I decided to paint it.  I think most of the effect of the beer had worn off by the time I finished this, but it was just plain fun to paint.  It's loose, pretty quickly done, but does manage to capture the essence of what the view was around our camping area.

I'll post the final painting (and load of photos) tomorrow, and then will come the wave of new plein air pieces I've finished in the past few days.

More Cedar Mesa:

Moon House ruins, in McCloyd Canyon on Cedar Mesa - view is from across the canyon

Moon House ruins 

A view of Sleeping Ute Mtn. from Snow Flats road - a high-clearance road we  drove on day 2

A view of Arch Canyon from above

A view of Comb Ridge to the southeast, and Hwy 95, as seen from the slope 

Localized clouds form over the northern part of the Comb in late afternoon


  1. Beautiful, Sonya. What fun! sounds like a great day.

  2. Thanks, Liz. The trip was great, and it went by far too quickly!

  3. As if a 9 mile hike and a painting were not enough?! You ambitious woman! But I do really love the result. :)) Looks fabulous.

  4. Crystal, if I had that much energy, motivation and such every day, boy, would I would be thrilled! It was hard not to want to cram in as much as possible in the finite (and dwindling) time we had. Thanks as always for your wonderful comments :)!


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