Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photomontage - Cacti abstracts

This 4-part montage of cactus abstracts was done from photos taken during a recent trip back to CO and AZ.  The originals were shot at f/8, hand-held, ISO 200, with focal lengths 38-55mm, Nikkor AF 18-55mm DX lens on my D40.  Once I'm able to upgrade to a new computer (a Mac this time - I'm so done with PC's and the MS OS issues) and can get the latest Elements, I'll shoot everything in RAW.  It is a tedious, time-consuming PITA to do that on my aging PC and old version of PS Elements (4.0), so I just shoot in JPEG fine.  PP included square cropping, conversion to b/w and minor adjustments in levels, and application of a simple outer border.  The full-size image, including border, is 15x15 in @ 300dpi.  I spent a bit of time arrangingeach photo crop to arrive at the most pleasing composition and to emphasize the "theme" of each subject.

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