Friday, October 2, 2009

Equine bas-relief pieces

I have been working on these on and off for a while now, and finally declared that they were finished:
"Bjorn" - Fjord pony bas-relief sculpture.  Artist oils on resincast sculpture.  Approx 4x4 in.

Original sculpture done from Chavant NSP medium, and was the first soft clay sculpture I did.  It was also my first experience with making a silicone mold and doing my own castings - quite a learning experience!  This piece was done in a variation of the common brown/bay dun [aka "brunblaak"] that this breed comes in, with darker facial masking.  Available for purchase. 

"Buster" - resculpted version of "Bjorn" bas-relief sculpture.  Artist oils on cast resin.  Approx. 4x4 in.
#2/9 limited-edition resincast.

"Buster" was a re-worked version of the "Bjorn" clay original that I did for an article on sculpting, molding and casting bas-relief pieces for the RESS Technique Booklet IV.  The mold was actually made from a tube of silicone kitchen caulk available at your local Walmart.  I wanted a generic-breed pony with a slightly whimsical edge - hence, the tongue and teeth.  I purposely left the base/background as a blank "canvas", primarily as I have begun to incorporate more landscape elements into my bas-relief pieces when I can.

I probably should title this piece "Pictures don't lie", because it wasn't until I took this photo and looked at it in PS that I noticed the problem with it:  the cloud line is tilted!  I honestly am not sure how I missed this, but I did.  The pony was done as an Icelandic in red silver dapple [a very common color in this breed]  and the mountains, foothills and foreground meadow were loosely based on photos of Iceland that I had in some reference books.  I really love clouds, so I had to add a patch of cumulis to the mini-landscape.  I clearly was not using the bottom edge of the base for a reference when painting the clouds (and the foothills could stand to be a bit more level as well).  This is a reminder to me to be more mindful of such things.   After I do the requisite touch-ups, this piece will also be available for purchase. 

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