Monday, October 5, 2009

Nelson as poster art

Digital image, full size - 20" x 8"

I'm one of the 38 million+ people in the US who is a personal servant to a domestic feline.  I've owned several cats over the past 23 years, but none were quite as special as Nelson, my 8-year old grey tuxedo DSH.  He is a special cat for many reasons, and as a reflection of my ongoing adoration of him, he is frequently a photography subject.  Most are snapshot type photos, given his lack of interest in posing or staying still for very long.  But, occasionally, one turns out better than expected. 

I had fun coming up with various colorized versions of this cropped, posterized photo using custom gradient filters.  I will continue to pay homage to my beloved feline companion in future drawings, paintings and perhaps a sculpture...and of course - photos!


  1. I need to do that for all my fur kids :)

  2. Sarah -absolutely! Everyone needs poster art of their FurUnits (as I like to call them) up around the house :).


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