Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall colors of eastern CT

This past Monday, I spent about 4 1/2 hrs. on a photoshoot, in an effort to capture the local fall colors which are currently at their peak.  I brought along my tripod, but ended up not using it most of the time - it is inexpensive and cumbersome to use, especially when doing a lot of walking, which I was doing.  At aperatures/exposures used for most landscape photos, it's difficult to get tack-sharp photos without the use of a tripod, even with excellent lighting.  Unfortunately, as the day went on, the sky became increasingly overcast, making it even more difficult to capture the brilliance of the fall foliage.  However, despite these shortcomings, I still managed to take some photos that capture the essence of fall in the southeastern corner of CT.  Below are are a select group of photos that you might enjoy.  Viewers are welcome to use these photos for personal use only, please and fellow artists are welcome to use them as reference sources for your own original artwork.  If you share, please credit me with the photo.

Pond with geese
location:  Hwy 169, near Pomfret, CT. 
This [very noisy] flock of Canadian geese enjoy a crisp fall afternoon on this otherwise tranquil pond

Birch and maples
location:  Waterford, CT 
The focus here is on the interesting tree forms and range of colors of the foliage

Captain's Row along the Mystic River
Taken from the Mystic drawbridge, this shows a section of some of the early 19th-century homes built along the west shore of the river, originally occupied by ship captains.

Tree top with blue sky
location:  Along New London Rd, west Mystic.
The strong, linear forms of the branches contrasts with the background leaf clusters against a late afternoon sky.

Fall complements
The bright afternoon sun provides backlighting and shadows for this brilliant orange Norway maple against the clear blue afternoon sky.

Fall leaf duo
location:  along Mystic river, west shore
The more muted colors on these leaves reveal an intricate mottling pattern and colors when viewed up close.

Boats and fall foliage - Mystic river harbor
The bright orange, red and dark green foliage provides a colorful backdrop to the row of white boats along the west side of the river


  1. These are gorgeous, Sonya! I love taking fall photos. It starts early up in the Berkshires and I took a few when visiting a friend at the end of September. Going part time I can't wait to get back to nature again and take more photos!

    These are just lovely!

  2. Thanks, Corrie!

    This was a good year for fall colors here, definitely. I'm hoping next fall before we leave I can make a dedicated photo trip up to NH and VT to capture the fall colors. It's a bit more challenging to time it right when you are traveling, though!

    It is wonderful that you'll have more free time to do photography and other fun things.


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