Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekly challenge paintings - week 3

I ended up doing all four of these in the same sitting last week.  I'll keep doing this particular challenge for another week, and move on to another scene that offers more versatility as far as the sky and landscape elements go.  This has really been an excellent learning experience and has given me the chance to try different palettes and color combinations, including some that are clearly not in the realm of possibility of an actual landscape but fun to do nonetheless. 

Weekly challenge paintings collage
#09 - Fall colors redux.  Canson pastel paper, 6x8"
#10 - Greens, both warm and cool.  600-grit sandpaper.  5.5x8"
#11 - Complementary colors:  orange and blue.  Canson, 6x8"
#12 - Pinks and purples, aka the "candyland palette".  Canson, 6x8"

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