Saturday, October 31, 2009

Completed commissions #1

I am wrapping up the last of the equine sculpture commissions in my studio, and more photos of the remaining pieces will be posted over the next few days.  All are limited-edition resincasts.

Here are the first two, both for K. Martin:

"Flitwick" - jumping pony sculpted by M. Kilborne in polyresin.
Approx. 2.5"h x 3.5"l.  Painted to red silver [dapple] minimal blanket appaloosa - a common color seen on minature horses. 

"Galena" - trotting Arabian mare sculpted by German artist B. Eberl.
Approx. size 8"h x 10"l.  Painted to medium shaded bay [based on photo of the Arab Ali Jamaal] Oils with base in acrylic.

These were both taken using a small photocube set that I picked up for a good price at one of the "lots" stores in the area.  It's a lot more convenient than the home-made one I was using (with limited success) and will work very well for small pieces.  The 20W lights that came with it aren't enough to do much, but the 500W halogen worklamp worked perfectly for the left side.  I still had to run the images through a photofilter to correct the color balance, but it's a lot less tweaking than I've had to do in the past.  Even still, the photos never do these pieces justice.  Studio photography is clearly not my forte.

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