Monday, November 2, 2009

Commissions - #2

Next group of completed commissions. 

First two:  limited-edition resincast sculpture of "Hazel" - sporthorse mare, 1/9 scale, sculpted by M. Kilborne in '08.

Dark dapple grey in oils [thoroughbred x Perchron].  Base in acrylics. 
Commissioned by K. Cabot. 

Light sorrel [Belgian-cross].  Oils with base in acrylics.
Commissioned by J. Arns.

Next is "bitty bosco", a 1:32 scale mustang stallion, also sculpted by Morgen, and released in 2009.  Morgen put an amazing amount of detail into a sculpture that is only 3.2" high.

"Bisbee" - Light slate grulla in oils.
Collection of L. Gruetter.

This view, not using lightbox, shows the color more accurately.

That's it for now.  I have two final commissions that will be posted once finished, and that will be it for my commissions!  Thank you again to my very patient clients and friends; I appreciate your support of my work over the past several years.

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