Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bluff Point State Park - photo essay

The weather was exceptional today, and probably the last warm, sunny weekend day we'll have here for close to 5 months.  I won't be spending the winter in CT, but this was a day for getting out with the camera and going for a walk.  Location:  Bluff Pt. State Park, which is about 10 min. from our house in nearby Groton.  It is one of my favored places in the area to go for a hike or run.  It features a 3 mile loop multi-use road/path, some points of interest and areas to fish and harvest shellfish.  It also has a sandbar beach called "Brushy Pt" that is popular with beachgoers in the summer and equestrians. 

Here are some photos out of the 40 or so that I took today that give a good sampling of this popular state park.  I was on a wide angle kick today, so most of these were shot at 18-25mm. 

Saltmarsh grass along Brushy Pt, cove side
View looks to the west, with New London visible in the distance

Leading the Way
This boardwalk leads from the cove side to the "breaker" side of Brushy Pt.

Unplanned Obsolescence
A section of beach fencing lies forgotten amongst the beach grass

East towards Bluff Point
The "breakers" side of Brushy Pt.  The rocky tip of Bluff Pt. is visible.

Phragmites facing East
The faded flowers of Common Reed [Phragmites australis] sway in a light breeze

Boulders and Breakers
The surf is no match for these huge granite boulders at the eastern tip of Bluff Point.  Fisher's Island, NY, is the barely visible landmass along the distant horizon.

Salt marsh and trees
This small area of marsh wetlands is bordered by a stand of hardwood and evergreens


  1. Sonya, I absolutely LOVE your photo, Leading The Way ... it evokes a sense of eternity and wanderlust in me, of timelessness ... if you ever print and mat it, and have a copy for sale, I'd love to buy! HUGS!

  2. Thanks, Danelle! I'm glad that that photo moved you in that way; I have always been drawn to paths, trails and such - wondering where they lead - and that was what was the inspiration for this photo. I'd be happy to do a matted and framed print for you when I come back to CT.


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