Sunday, November 8, 2009

Floral photos for fall

I absolutely love flowers, and they became the primary subject for my photography excursions this spring and summer.  As winter rapidly approaches and the fall colors are disappearing just as fast, flowers are the perfect pick-me-up.  These are photos that didn't make it onto my original archived disk and haven't been loaded to my existing picasa album, so I thought I'd share a few that are in a folder before I pull them off onto disk.  They are from a variety of locations.  I hope they help brighten your day as well!

Some black-eyed susans provide some mid-summer cheer in a neighborhood garden

These brightly-colored mid-summer flowers on graceful, curved stems are desert plants in Phoenix, AZ

Blue and white columbine, Colorado's state flower, are seen in a private garden in Silverton, CO

This amazing hibiscus flower in a neighborhood garden is larger than a dinner plate! 

Daylilies provides a steady source of blooms during fall along the roadside here in Mystic

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