Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paint the same scene - week 2

Here are three of the five "challenge" paintings for this week.  Very different!  Have a favorite?  I'd love to hear what you think.

#4 - Winter, after storm
pastel on Mi-Tientes creme paper, smooth side.  6x8".

#5 - High-chroma palette
pastel on 400-grit sandpaper. 5.5x8"

#6 - Purples and earth-oranges
pastel on sienna-colored Mi-Tientes paper, 6x8"

I've always admired artists that were able to break free of traditional "paint what you see" conventions and use bold, unexpected colors, or interpret the landscape as an abstracted form - both of which are much harder than one would think.  An exercise such as this - re-creating the same scene from a simplified b/w photo or value study sketch - is a great way to help break free of those creative constraints.  Even after this particular challenge is over, I'll definitely do this again with other subjects. 

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