Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two more challenge paintings

Final two pastel paintings for this weeks' challenge:

Moonrise after sunset
soft pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes paper, 6x8".
The sky, moon and foreground colors were based on a photo I took a few months ago on our trip back to the southwest, along Hwy 180, just north of Flagstaff.  I really like the original photo, and plan on using it as the basis for a full painting some day.  This was a useful study for colors to use (and not to use). 

Split complementary study
pastel on Mi-Tientes sienna paper, 6x8"
For this, I chose purple as my starting color, and used colors adjacent to its complement (yellow) on the color wheel:  yellow-green and yellow-orange.  I like the palette, but I'm not keen on the final result.  There are many things I'd change if I did this again.  Despite various post-processing attempts, I was unable to get color accuracy for the purple used on the right side of the mountain; it is not maroon, but a darker blue-violet purple. 

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