Friday, October 9, 2009

Photos of fall - the small things

Fall is well upon us here in CT; the air is cool and dry and the days are rapidly growing shorter.  Mystic actually gets a pretty decent showing as far as fall colors go, so I went on a photo shoot yesterday afternoon.  While most people think of the "big picture" fall landscape, I'm also drawn to the smaller happenings of fall and nature - things that I suspect most people never see.  Here are a select few photos from around my neighborhood.  All shots are hand-held and using auto settings (macro and landscape):
Seed release
f/8, ISO 360
The seeds of a spent vine await their turn to ride the breeze.

Last of the season
f/5.6, ISO 560
Normally a mid-summer flowering plant, this roadside chicory flower adds a small splash of blue to the fall.

Fall grass solo
f/5.6 , ISO 560
B/w conversion and pleasing bokah turn the terminal end of a strand of fall grass into a study of curves and reflected light, making it seem anything but ordinary.

Fall reflections
f/8, ISO 400
Perfectly still water gives a hint of the bright leaf colors from the tree above.

Berry branch
f/8  ISO 200
The colors and soft shapes in the background offer a nice frame for this strand of berries lit by late afternoon sun.

Maple leaf understudy
f/8, ISO 250
The underside of this maple leaf takes on an abstract form that is enhanced by the bright green background.


  1. Man, you are such a good photographer!


  2. Thank you, Lisa :). Lots of reading and study, lots of practice (and lots of bad photos!), and a better understanding of my camera has definitely helped me take my photos past the "snapshot" image.


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