Friday, August 20, 2010

Sky Friday: July 27 sunset

One of the many, many perks about where we live is that the deck from our bedroom faces due west.  The sun sets in the center of the bowl formed by Smelter Mtn. to the south and Perins Peak to the north.  Being in monsoon season, the evening sky is often covered with stormclouds, either coming or going, so we haven't been getting too many colorful sunsets.

Going back through the photos I've taken, I realized that this set, taken on July 27, was one where we had some good color going on.  We had a simply amazing sunset 2 nights ago; that will be for another day.

Sunrises and sunsets were something I never saw from our place in CT.  In fact, I never saw a single sunrise the entire time I lived there.  Sunsets I saw on rare occasion; you had to make a special effort to go somewhere to see them, where trees and buildings weren't totally obscuring the view.

Now that I have a "deck with a view", it means I'm grabbing my camera a lot.  Incidentally, these were all shot with my 8-y.o. Olympus 3.1MP p&s, since my DSLR lens didn't have any wide angle capacity.  It takes surprisingly good photos given its age and small sensor size.   Good news is that I purchased a much higher end lens from eBay (used, and less than half of what the same lens costs new) that's a much broader zoom - 18-70mm.  I could tell the difference in the quality of the lens, the glass, and the resultant photos immediately.  

Coming into the light

Over Smelter Mtn.

Sunset diffusion with tree 

Final light


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