Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abstracted Cloudscapes #11 & 12

I had planned to post these yesterday, but we had a guest visit, so no time to take photos.  I'm still on a roll with these, even though some definitely turn out better than others, and at times, it seems as though I keep running into the same wall [of problems].

abstracted cloudscape #11 - crescent moon afternoon
12 x 12 inches
Strathmore 500-series paper

This is the crescent moon, as seen in late afternoon from my deck, on Sept. 12.  Scattered clouds were drifting by to the south where it slowly tracked across the sky, often obscuring it.  I sat and waited with my camera until it came into view and was framed by the clouds.   My goal here was to capture the precise, perfect shape of the moon and its very well-definied edges with the amorphous clouds surrounding it.  It looks much better in person, and I was rather happy with it.

abstracted cloudscape #12 - cirrus sunset
12 x 12 inches
Strathmore 500-series paper

On the other hand...this piece I'm not at all happy with.  But, I resisted the urge to throw it directly into the trash without posting it here.  Despite my best efforts to capture the loose, sweeping feel of the clouds, they still look stiff and contrived.  Even the colors aren't what I was after - too light in areas.  It reminds me of a child's scribble painting.  But, it certainly qualifies as an abstract.  It's a shame, because these clouds create the most brilliant, beautiful sunsets as the light passes through their ice crystal forms, and I'd love to be able to capture that.  Perhaps this is another piece best suited for oils.  

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