Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Light and Shadow on Rt 491

Each of the paintings in this Southwest Skies series have increasingly challenged me, primarily as they have become more complex and require more time to paint and consider how to best render the clouds.  These were definitely not easy, but with oils, one has the luxury of moving, adding and manipulating the paint for extended periods.  I tried out some new techniques here, all based around creating pleasing lines, abstract shapes and harmonious colors, but I still see things that bother me in these categories that I will address when I get back home.  I think after I have 100 cloudscape paintings under my belt I will be able to execute them with far less effort.

Hard edges, soft edges, lost and found edges are all found in these clouds and their amorphous forms.   Some crepuscular rays add to the drama of the clouds as they silently move across the landscape of northern New Mexico.

Light and Shadow along Rt 491
oil on panel


  1. I particularly like the yellow patches of light on the land, here.

  2. P.S.
    Did you change your blog's appearance?

  3. Thanks, Jala! Those highlighted areas on the land and highway where what drew me to the reference, along with the clouds.

    Re the blog: I've tinkered with appearance settings recently and was trying to de-clutter it a bit. I'm always changing things on it to make it (hopefully) more appealing to viewers. I'm probably going to change it again after I get back home.


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