Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter in Old Forge, NY - #2

Last week, on impulse, and based on the webinar lectures given by Johannes Vloothuis, I decided to try a snow scene in oils, based on an image provided in the December challenge on the landscape forum of Wet Canvas.  Normally, I prefer to work from my own reference material, but as I've done a few times in the past, I was charmed by one of Paula Ford's photos of Old Forge, NY.  In fact, last year, I used another one of her photos as a reference for a pastel landscape, that can be seen here.  It sold almost immediately.

Winter scenes with snow may be my next series after the Southwestern Skies is completed, so this was a good experiment.  I started it last week, and after watching a live demo this past Sunday, where Johannes painted a snow scene, I rushed down and finished the painting that evening.  There are things I would change on it, like toning down the blue of the water - it's cerulean, but a tad too chromatic.  Johannes was kind enough to critique it for me during the Monday night webinar, and we discovered it looks even better with most of the foreground cropped away.  

It is painted on a reclaimed painting from the Four Corners series.  

Winter in Old Forge, #2
oil on canvas board


  1. I really like the colors in the trees on the left.

  2. Hi Jala - thanks; they are probably my favorite part of the painting as well.

  3. Beautiful painting Sonya. I've been looking at your blog and must say, a very interesting one. I'm looking forward to following more of your work. Happy and healthy New Year!

  4. Hi Hilda - thank you so much for your kind comments, and I'm delighted that you've found the content here to be of interest! Happy New Year to you as well :).

  5. it's fabulous. The sense of distance and cold is right on.

  6. Hi Mary - thanks so much. I am pleased that I'm heading in the right direction with the oils in these winter scenes.


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