Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shadow Crossing - winter landscape

original oil landscape painting - snow - winter landscape - 9x12

Next in the Impressions of Winter series is this painting, which is based on a series of photos taken last year when I was on my way up to Flagstaff to visit friends during my AZ winter stay.    In a recent post, I included a link to the pastel "Winter Stream" I did last year, also based on the same area.

This is what I'd describe as an "intimate" landscape, one that focuses on a discreet element of the land.  I was drawn to the organic shape of this small section of open stream, its reflections, and the colors, curves and shapes cast from an unseen ponderosa pine across the untouched banks of snow.  A nearby tree line marks the end of this mountain meadow that this stream traverses.  

Shadow Crossing 
9x12 - oil on board

I had it mostly finished last night, save for the top section of trees, which I finished this morning.  This was another one of those paintings where I wasn't sure it was going to work, but after pushing the paint around and continued finessing of various areas, it came together, and I can honestly say I'm quite pleased with it, especially since it's the first time I've done water reflections in oils.  

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to take a minute and give a huge THANK YOU to those of you (and you know who you are ;) ) who have been so kind to link my blog on yours.  Seriously, it means a lot to me.  I wouldn't have known about half the wonderful art blogs I follow had it not been for links other bloggers have, which is one reason I enjoy having links to your work and others on my blog.  Thanks again - you all are the best!


  1. Beautiful! The water reflections are very well rendered.

  2. Thanks, Liz - getting the reflections correct was key to making this painting work. I'm glad you like them!

  3. I Absolutely adore this painting! You've excelled yourself again and whilst my knowledge and appreciation for oils is limited, this is one I would certainly want to bring home and hang on my wall! Love the reflections too!
    I hadn't thought about linking you, I'll do that, if that's ok (I'm exploring pastels/pencils more recently so it's a bit more relevant to yours).
    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Hi Kelly - your comment delights me! I think it is our wish as artists to have our vision resonate with others, so it means a great deal to hear you say this :). I don't imagine you see many scenes quite like this in the UK, either? That is kind of you to put a link on your blog, and I'm also delighted that you are doing more 2D work, which I will look forward to seeing.

    Hi Susan - thank you so much!

  5. Sonya,

    I love the way you do water and light and shadows - oh and snow too.....I can feel the texture and the icy coldness. I love the blues.

  6. I just found your blog through The Colorist and am so glad! I love your interpretations and photos of the high desert mountains and big sky -- my favorite part of the country. Beautiful color!

  7. I meandered over from Casey's Blog. I'm so glad I did! I'm now a fan.

  8. Hi Kellye - thank you as always for stopping by; I really appreciate your comments!

    Hi Sherrie - thank you! I am always glad to find more people who love the landscape of the Colorado Plateau and southwest as much as I do.

    Hi Sheila - thank you for the comment - I visited your blog and your work is lovely. So, I'm glad you stopped by as well :).

  9. Congratulations on being pegged as a hot blog by Casey! It's as cool as your blues in Shadow Crossing.

  10. Hey Sam - good to see you again, and thanks! I agree - kudos from Casey is a majorly cool thing indeed :).

  11. Hi Sonya, It has been while since I have been over to visit. I am glad Casey reminded me to look. Beautiful painting. The intimate feel of winter.

  12. Hi Loriann - nice to see you again. Thank you for dropping by, and I am glad to see that you are doing well after your surgery and back to painting.

  13. Sonya
    Your works are beautiful, vivid and strong. Excellent work.

  14. Hi Anita - I almost missed replying to your comment! Thank you so much for the kind words; I really enjoy your work, so it means a lot.


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