Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer comes to Durango

Some photos from our Purgatory Flats hike on Saturday:

A view of Engineer from the trailhead parking lot, still sporting lots of snow (and haze from the AZ forest fire making the afternoon light even worse)

Arnica sunflower - the leaves of this plant have medicinal use for bruises and skin irritations

The trail approaching a stand of bright green aspen

A Dusky Dreamwing skipper takes a quick stop 

Blue-eyed Grass 

Fairy Trumpet (I believe) preparing to bloom

"Summer Dreams" - black percheron in a field north of Durango along Hwy 550 
We stopped to take photos of some donkeys in the adjacent field, and this gentle fellow came over for some attention as well


  1. Really liking all the wildflower pics, I can use your blog as a field guide :) Was that the trail that eventually drops down to the Animas?

  2. Hi Sarah - back from our trip! Yes, I am into photographing and identifying the CO wildflowers as I come across them. I have many more on my Picasa gallery.

    The Purgatory Flats trail does eventually hook up with the Animas at the confluence of Cascade Creek, which is the drainage the trail follows. The CO trail down from Molas Lake is the most direct way to the Animas that I've taken so far.

  3. I have been down the CO trail from Molas, had lunch and watched the trains go by :) The horses didn't like the trains as much as we did, tho!

  4. Haha! I can imagine - the train is a huge, noisy monster that is designed to scare horses and belch out lots of black sooty smoke!

    I'm sure you ended up in lots of train tourist's photos if you were close enough to be seen ;).


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