Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Prelude to Fall - San Juan Mountains

The summer continues to blaze by, and feels like it's rapidly drawing to a close.  There is a sense of urgency to cram in as much outdoor activity as possible in the high country before the season ends.

Two painting excursions - to Lemon and Haviland Lakes - in the past week have resulted in unfinished paintings that may or may not make it to completion.  One has promise; the other not so much.   Lately, it seems my creative energy has been focused through the lens of my camera rather than my pastels and paper.  So, I have to run with it.

Today, a trip back up to hike and fish along west Lime Creek.  Since our last trip a month ago, the deerflies have finally been knocked back, the summer alpine meadows are transitioning away from green towards the golden browns of fall, and a new round of mountain wildflowers is making an appearance.

August 30 in photos:

Cascading falls along Lime Creek

Raspberries along the trail - tasting as good as they look

A marmot casts a wary and scornful glance from his look-out point below the trail

A tiny Arctic Blue nourishes itself on a Showy Daisy

Mountain Gentian, filterized

Mushrooms, everywhere!

Monsoon skies


  1. Cute marmot, tasty berries...
    I agree, you have to go with whatever creative impulse is strongest at the moment.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful photos!!

  3. Beautiful shots of the season. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow your photos are so gorgeous! And I think you are so awesome to just go with what's inspiring you creatively instead of sit and whine about it and eat too many cookies (which is what I do:). Love that butterfly one.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Jala - nice to see you again, and I'm glad you got your computer fixed and running. The creative thing...sometimes its direction is unpredictable, right?

    Thanks, LeAnn - I'm glad you enjoyed them :).

    Hi Susan - thank you much for your visit and comments; I appreciate them!

  6. Hi Crystal - thank you for your kind comments. Your comment about eating cookies and whining made me laugh; I've done more than my fair share of moping during creative slumps, but now I realize it is just part of the process itself.

    I'm glad you like the butterfly - I've gotten totally out of control as far as how many butterfly photos I've taken this year. My favorite subject to take photos of this summer!

  7. Oh, I'm there in spirit! Beautiful! ...yeah,go with the medium that seems right at the time.

  8. Thanks, Liz. I hope you can make it up here one of these days...I know I keep saying that, but since Rox is leaving Bisbee, I honestly don't know if I'll make it back down there again. Sad but true.

  9. What gorgeous work you do with your camera! Stunning photographs and I have to agree with Crystal, I admire your ability to go with the flow! I too am attracted to the butterfly and flower.

  10. Hi Carol - thanks much for stopping by :). I honestly never thought I'd enjoy photography as much as I do painting, but it's really just as important to me now. The time I spend composing these shots is a good compliment to painting as well, I think.

  11. Lovely photos. The waterfall is beautiful!

  12. Thanks so much for your visit and comment, Bellina!


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