Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunset along Florida Mesa in photos

No painting I thought I'd share some photos taken yesterday evening at my favorite location on Florida Mesa before I head off to tonight's photography club meeting.

All:  tripod-mount, with Nikkor 18-70mm DX lens.


Horses and the lone ponderosa 

Making her way 

The barn along Hwy 550 

Field and fencepost

Skies to the north

Heading east on CR 220

Final light along CR 220

Tree against sunset virga


  1. Gorgeous - thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow! Those are so gorgeous! The skies look amazing! I think my favorite one is the second from the bottom. Every time I try to photograph a sky it doesn't work out, probably because I have no idea what I"m doing! ;)

  3. LeAnn and Helen - thanks so much for stopping by!

    Hi Crystal - I lucked out with the skies. Sometimes, there are clouds in front of the sun when it sets, and you get skunked for great light. There are definitely some tricks and tips to getting good sunset photos, and knowing the limitations of your camera and sensor optics. I also shoot everything in camera RAW, which makes a huge difference when shooting these really high-contrast scenes and being able to pull out hidden shadow detail in PP (post-processing) software. I appreciate your lovely comments!

    Thanks, Liz - I still miss the skies of Bisbee and surrounding area, that I shot when I was there.

  4. beautiful blog Sonya!

  5. The first and second are my favorites. Beautiful photography, Sonya. Would be interesting to see how you would work these into paintings.

  6. Hi Diane - thanks so much for your comments. It's funny - I usually use photos that are more "snapshot" quality for painting references, vs. photos like these. Sometimes, it's harder to paint from a really good photo than a poor one, I think.

  7. These images are beautiful. You have captured the grandeur of these vistas so well. Wish I were there!

  8. Thanks for the visit and comments, Seth!


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