Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blessing of Rain - plein air - donation to American Red Cross

Everyone has heard of the catastrophic Colorado Springs area Waldo fire that has destroyed almost 350 homes and displaced 32,000 others, at least temporarily.   This fire is now officially the most destructive in CO history, and the fire season has just begun!

Blessing Of Rain - 12x12", pastel on dark brown cardstock
plein air
© S.Johnson
This afternoon, pre-monsoon clouds filled the skies, and I decided to drive out to Pastorias SWA on Florida Mesa to paint the clouds.  It was a joyous thing to see rain coming down in the mountains to the north.  

As I painted this, I was thinking of the people that have lost their homes, and how helpless and sad this has made me feel.  I decided that the one thing I could possibly do was donate to the Red Cross.  So, I've decided to donate $100 from the sale of this painting to the Pikes Peak chapter of the American Red Cross.  

Price for the painting is $185 ppd.   I will provide a receipt of the donation to the buyer.

Thank you for looking.


  1. Beautiful work -- and what a generous gesture! I pray some rain falls on Colorado soon! How sad to see the news reports.

  2. Beautiful painting SOnya. :) That is such a tragedy, what's happening in COlorado. I can't even imagine it. How generous of you to help. :)) You're awesome. My brother and his family live in Colorado but luckily are not close to the fires.

    And you mentioned you might have some photos of native americans for me to paint a couple weeks ago and I forgot to reply to your email and say 'yes please!' If you get a chance let me know where they are and I'd love to paint them. Thanks friend.

  3. Thank you. While my husband and I did not lose our house, many people we know did and so many in our community are struggling with the loss.

  4. Thank you, ladies, for your comments - much appreciated. I wish there was more I could do to help. We will all be so relieved when monsoon season gets here in earnest and reduces the fire risk.

    Crystal - I will downsize the pics and put them in a Picasa gallery and send you the link so you can use whichever ones you like :).


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