Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horses in motion - photos

From photos taken while over at our friend Sarah and Todd's place in Bayfield the other night.

You've seen two of their horses - Jypsi and Indy - in earlier posts on our Arch Canyon trip from April.

These are totally different:  no riders, just horses running, unfettered, as they evolved over millions of years ago to do.  Seeing the four of them unrestrained and released from their corral to run around on the property was a reminder of what magnificent and beautiful creatures they are.  They did have some "encouragement" from Todd chasing them, but it was clear they enjoyed the time as much as we did.

It's hard enough to photograph a butterfly fluttering around a flower, but to photograph large animals moving fast was a unique challenge.  I was happy to get as many "keepers" as I did , let alone a couple of print-worthy photos.

I've always liked those photos depicting movement, which is accomplished through both a slower shutter speed and tracking the subject with the camera to blur the background.   Other post-processing has been done to all (cropping, filters, etc.).

Here are a handful of the "keepers" - out of about 80 taken:

The herd:  Brush, Mindy, Indy and Jypsi




  1. Those are SO beautiful! Both the horses and the photos. I love the artful blurring of movement you have going on. So gorgeous Sonya. :)

  2. Beautiful photos and animals.

  3. Amazing photos! I love the herd.

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of my friend's herd of equines :).

  5. Gorgeous horses!


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