Sunday, August 5, 2012

Along the Animas River, and another cloud study - plein air, pastel

Both from yesterday.

Riverside Stata and Cottonwood - 12x12", plein air
pastel on black cardstock
In the morning, local 4CPAP friend Lori and I painted together along the river, right along the A.R.T.  I've been wanting to paint this particular view since last fall when I took the photo below during a walk.  So, I probably will come back in the fall and revisit it.

Hard to believe it's the same location.  Both Lori and I took the same artistic license and left out that distal mountain.

Later in the afternoon, as a large monsoon storm was building to the northwest over the mountains, I set up the easel in our front sidewalk area for a fast cloud study, with the eastern slope of Smelter Mtn:

Sky South of Smelter - 12x12", plein air
pastel on yellow cardstock


  1. Wow, I love this painting, Sonya. It is breathtaking!

  2. Thanks so much, Darla! It was a bit of a challenge to paint, but that's always a good thing :).

  3. I really like the composition of these recent ones. They are very dynamic and the abstract shapes are definitely very interesting. The sense of the landscape is evident and when I stare at them, I can almost feel the dry, clear air of New Mexico, as I remembered...

    I am currently reading Ann Zwinger and seeing the scenery described in the book so vivid on your paper is a very strange experience. It's beautiful and deeply touching.

  4. Hi Arena,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Probably as a landscape painter, there is no higher compliment than having a viewer experience a strong connection with the place; it tells me I have succeeded in my purpose with the painting.

  5. Beautiful! Makes me want to do something artistic outdoors today!

  6. Thanks Liz - great to be an inspiration to get outdoors, too!


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