Friday, August 3, 2012

Two plein air landscapes - waterfall and clouds, and a studio sunset - pastel

Lime Creek Falls - 16x8", plein air
pastel on black cardstock
Today's painting, from our hike up Lime Creek.  I had this piece and a 6" square piece of paper taped to my board, and decided to try a vertical format for this set of falls, rather than my usual square.

Cumulonimbus to the North - 12x12", plein air
pastel on black cardstock
Yesterday's painting, from Pastorius.  The gray Unisons I used to do most of the cloud weren't really that keen on adhering to the surface, but what can you do?  It's an occasional consequence of working on smooth paper.

Monsoon Sunset - 12x12", studio
pastel on brown cardstock
I haven't done a studio painting in months.  But, on the late afternoon of the full moon, the monsoon clouds were spectacular, so I drove south of town to get reference photos.  This one I just couldn't resist painting, so I started it yesterday after I got home from painting at Pastorius.  

Sunsets are one of those subjects I don't have a problem painting from photos; to be honest, the light changes so rapidly from "wow" to "meh" that I'm not sure how effective it would be.  I do know other painters can do it successfully.

Full moon, taken further up this road after it turns to the left (east) and goes up a hill:

View to the north along the same road:


  1. Love the full moon photo and the Monsoon Sunset!
    AND your Sunsets Across the Land Quartet Miniseries.

  2. Thanks LeAnn - I'm glad you enjoyed everything!

  3. I really like the water landscapes that you do. the pool below the waterfall is wonderful.

  4. Thanks, Ruth. I really enjoy painting water, and the challenges it brings, like those reflections in the pool, which I had to study for a while before trying to paint them.


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