Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chamisa in McElmo Cyn - plein air pastel

Chamisa - 6x8", plein air
pastel on cardstock
This was the second of three paintings from Tuesday's paint-out, but I didn't get around to photographing it until today.

After lunch and critique at Kelly Place, several people stuck around to do a series of quick paintings at a different location.  I was late leaving, so I just drove up the highway a few miles and painted this blooming chamisa (also known as "rabbitbrush") by the side of the road.   I timed this one to be 30 min. or less.

I actually got a third painting almost done - a 12x12" - after this one, at the trailhead to Sand Canyon, but I don't like it enough to post it.  However, it brought my plein air paintings total up to 90 for the year!


  1. This is gorgeous, Sonya. I love the feeling of light and shadow. And your palette of colors is wonderful, too. Well done!

  2. Thanks, Darla. It was a fun little piece to do, and it was the light and shadows that attracted me to paint it.

  3. Beautiful! I am amazed that you could complete that in 30 minutes!! You could be the next Bob Ross -- with happy little chamisa. (Only kidding.)

  4. Thanks, LeAnn - your Bob Ross comment made me laugh :). The folks who bought the painting from me [some of us met back at the B&B at the end of the day] were amazed I did it in 30 minutes as well. Lots of practice, I told them!


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