Friday, March 12, 2010

Sky Friday - Cumulus Sunset

Here is a 4-part set of the sunset from last Saturday. It was a cumulus kind of day - all types seen: humilis, mediocris, congestus and of course, cumulonimbus. As per usual, I got many shots, and several turned out quite well. One was the reference for a painting posted earlier in the week.

These four are essentially taken from all 4 directions, so are almost a 360 degree view of what I saw that evening.

Celebrating the glorious cumulus cloud:

To the West
Huachucas to the right side of the image.  The sun casts beautiful crepescular rays behind this nearby cumulus mediocris, while a row of stratocumulus make up the far horizon.

To the South, over San Jose Peak
This 18mm shot shows the variety of shapes and colors in the evening sky.  Most are cumulus humilis and c. mediocris, with the lowest level - stratocumulus - visible over the mountain and in the distance.

Cumulonimbus to the East
This magnificent cloud reflects the pink rays of the sun, while its attendant "accessory" clouds are already out of the range of the sun's main rays.

Cumulus Congestus to the North
These towering pink cloud columns and lower level stratus layer lie north of the Mules.  Congestus often build rapidly and often transform into cumulonimbus (rain-producing). 

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  1. All amazing. But the one (C. to the East) is killer. Hmm, makes me want to get out my pastels... :)


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