Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Flower Series - Pansy portraits

In the interest of keeping things fresh, I've decided to alternate between various subjects here on the blog.  Now that spring is here, it is fitting to have a series dedicated to the ambassadors of the season - the flowers.   Last spring, I spent much of my time going around and photographing flowers, mostly domestic varieties everyone is acquainted with, along with the wildflowers I found in my local area.   I became immersed in that season, as it is probably the highlight of New England (along with the 2 weeks of fall foliage).   To see the extensive Picasa album of flowers from last year, click here.

I arrived in Tucson just in time to experience the desert in full spring bloom.  The El Nino winter, resulting in higher-than-average rainfall, produces spectacular displays of spring color.  I have been out on almost daily hikes collecting photos of those wildflowers, and will be posting images in future posts.

In the meantime, however, here are a series of lovely pansies (or violas) that were taken a few weeks ago in the retaining wall garden at the Jonquil.  It's no wonder they are a favorite for flower gardens and porch containers; their bright colors and cheery face-like features are always a delight to see.

So, to start out the spring floral season, here are the pansies:

A Study in Blue

From Behind

White Solo Act

A Pair in Purple and White

Party of Five


  1. I like it that your posts are so varied - it tells me that whatever you're posting about - you're so enthused by! I adore pansies... and your humorous 'take' on them made me smile!

  2. Thanks, Kelley! I sometimes wonder if having varied subjects and media are distracting to people, but there is so much that interests me that I would have trouble sticking to only one theme. Maybe it's part of being a Gemini, I don't know :).


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