Friday, March 5, 2010

Sky Friday - Sunset from March 2

The sky above Bisbee was filled with cirrus and other higher-level clouds in the late afternoon on Tuesday, so I headed out with my gear to the location south of Warren, and waited. When I got there, the sky had beautiful cloud formations going on, as well as a pair of parahelia (aka "sundogs") in the altostratus clouds. Very cool.  The sunset was beautiful for 360 degrees, from the intense, high-chroma colors to the west, to the pinks, blues and purples to the north, east and south. 

I may do a second part to this sky Friday post to include some of the non-sunset clouds, as well as a couple of the photos from the other views of the sunset sky.

In the meantime, here are a handful of selected images from the sunset sequence to the west.


Higher-level cirrus clouds have just barely begun to take on some color, while the lower altostratus clouds are already in shadow.

The cirrus clouds are gradually disappearing, and now the main cloud group is taking on some golden color.

This zoomed-in shot shows more of the color and texture detail in the clouds as they continue their color change.  The cirrus clouds are now a glowing, pale pink.  The Huachuca Mtns. are on the right side of the photos in this set.

The colors continue to deepen as the angle of the setting sun's rays passing through the clouds shorten, and the cirrus clouds have all but disappeared from the sky.

A final photo, showing a full range of reds, oranges and yellows, with some dark purple-reds on the eastern-most edge of the clouds.

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