Monday, October 11, 2010

Aspen on Black #5

 I am about 3/4 finished with #6, but probably won't get it finished in time to post tonight, so here is #5.

I'm considering framing [with or without a mat] this series and displaying them together; they are currently pinned on the corkboard above my studio table, and they do look nice as a grouping.  With pastels, I sort of waver back and forth between whether to mat or not.  I have matted and framed several of the small works I've done (~5x7") that are hanging here in our place, but in general, I store and sell them un-matted and un-framed.  I've seen other artists frame them sans a mat, and they often look very good, but I do love the look of a light neutral-colored mat and a simple frame for pastels.

Number 5 is a switch to landscape format, as is #6.

Aspen #5
9x12 inches
pastel on w/c paper toned with black acrylic

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