Monday, October 25, 2010

Four Corners series - updates

Yesterday and today saw more work on the next four in the series.  Time to take a pastel break, I think, and give these time to dry and for me to mull over what I need to change in each.

First is #25, the one that I was decidedly unhappy with.  After analysis, I figured out the glaring issues I didn't like, and addressed (or attempted to) those.  I'm calling it finished, but I'm not thrilled with it.  I should call it "Lost in Translation", because that's a bit what it feels like.  What drew me to the photo was the scale of the monocline when seen close, the curves of its cliffs and slopes, and the blue-red-green arrangement.  

I wasn't able to get the right colors for those pink-red cliff slopes, but cadmium orange added to the palette did the trick.  
Echo Facade
9x12 - oil on canvas panel

Here are the first go-arounds for #26-28, the first two done yesterday.  Twenty-eight was done this afternoon, and I actually added more to the road in #26 (so it is done, sans the stripes).  

#26 - first color layer

#27 - first color layer

#28 - first color layer

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