Sunday, October 10, 2010

Four Corners & Colorado Plateau series - #14, 15 & 16

Two from yesterday and one from today.  Replaced the WMO's with Gamblin colors for the first two, but still had issues with paint getting tacky/drying very quickly.  So, it's either the canvas paper or something that I haven't figured out yet.  The layers aren't impasto thick, and maybe they should be?

Maybe I just need to *use more paint*.  Maybe by the time I've done 100 of these, I'll have figured it out!

Meeting Place
6x9 inches
oil on canvas paper

A large notch separates the Navajo sandstone of the monocline from the perfectly level Shonto platform.  The makings of a natural arch are seen to the left; Navajo sandstone is one of the sedimentary layers along the Colorado Plateau province that readily forms arches due to weathering patterns.

A Sense of Scale

The sloping  rocks and distal cliffs dwarf a house in the valley floor.


The scalloped, fissured facade of the sandstone cliff deters any plans to head north from here.


  1. More, please. And bigger. Your muse is right there, I feel.

  2. Hi Casey - Thank you so much for your encouraging comments; I appreciate it more than I can express in words.

    I feel like I'm just starting to pick up momentum with this series, and given the increasing complexity of some of the upcoming subjects, I think moving to a bigger size canvas is a good idea. Thank you for that suggestion.


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