Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another studio wrap-up - pastel landscape

The stack of unfinished paintings slowly dwindles...

Heading Into Fall
12x16 inches, pastel on Strathmore Artagain
© S.Johnson
Here's a piece that I started in the studio from a photo taken during another plein air painting trip (with another unfinished painting).

The date was August 25 - late summer, and beginning the transition into fall.  It's along the dirt road that runs along Lemon Lake - one of my favorite places to paint.   It was one of those days where clouds came and went throughout the day, and at times, the sky was somewhat overcast, as here.

Another good exercise to simplify-simplify and eliminate unnecessary detail.


  1. SO beautiful Sonya. :)) I love the variations of greens in the trees.

  2. Aw, thanks, Crystal! It actually looks much better in person; the various subtle colors are better seen then.


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