Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Summer plein air landscape - wrap-up #2, pastel

The second of the small stack of unfinished plein air paintings now completed...

Daisies Along the Old Road
12x12 - pastel on Strathmore
A plein air from July 22.  This double-track road and stand of aspens can be seen at one of the turns along Hwy 550, near the turn-off to Cascade creek.  I've desired to paint it ever since I first saw it, and in high summer, large patches of daisies (non-native and considered invasive weeds) can be seen in the open areas and meadows.  Personally, I love them.

I will return to this location to paint again.


  1. I love the delicacy of this painting...the wildflowers, the grasses, etc. You took a lovely location and made it even more beautiful, Sonya.

  2. Thanks, Darla - that's a wonderful compliment. As I was working on this to finish it, the memories of painting it on location came back, including standing in those tall grasses in the warm sun with butterflies and other insects flying around. Yep, I miss summer!

  3. Ahhh - feels like Summer!
    I love the daisies, too. I just want to follow that road to see where it the painting, Sonya!

  4. Thanks so much, Debbie! I feel the same way about the roads/paths, which is one reason I think I like painting them so much - they do make you want to see where they go.

  5. Beautiful. I'd love to be there. I love the daisies too!


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