Thursday, May 10, 2012

Secluded canyon, plein air pastel painting

From last week.  

Footpath Through Willows - plein air
12x9" - pastel on brown cardstock
© S.Johnson

I recently discovered a new trail just minutes away from where I live, that seems as remote as somewhere in southern Utah canyon country.  The main trail leads up to the top of Smelter Mountain, but this small, seldom-used path splits off early on and leads up the small canyon behind Smelter.

A neat find, with potential for future paintings.  


  1. Lovely! Really makes me want to go explore that path!

  2. Amazing, Sonya! The grass looks so real -- and you have somehow managed to capture the depth of the path as well. (The foreground reminds me of the "cow path" on the farm where I grew up.

  3. Thanks Debbie. I know what you mean; I have a nearly irresistible urge to explore paths and trails I find :). That surely must account for why they keep showing up as subjects in my paintings!

    Hi LeAnn - thanks; I find anything that is mostly green pretty hard to paint, so I'm glad the grass reads well. It was amazingly green, that is for sure!

  4. Sonya this is SO beautiful. I LOVE those smallish trees, the way the branches and leaves are blended together in parts. It's gorgeous. :)

  5. Thanks, Crystal :). Those are the willows you are speaking of, and the soft/lost edges they form was one of my favorite things about painting this scene. So, I'm delighted that you noticed that!

  6. This is a little gem, Sonya. Really beautiful!


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