Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plein air studies in pastel, 6x6 inches

Four small studies done at Santa Rita park.  Two days' worth.

I don't spend more than 20-25 min. on each of these.  The goal is to work quickly and not fuss over details.  I also try not to duplicate sky and cloud colors if I'm doing two back-to-back.

Passing Clouds - 6x6"
pastel on dark brown cardstock
Cherry Tree
Pastel on dark brown cardstock
Cloud Study #1
pastel on light brown cardstock

Cloud Study #2
pastel on light brown cardstock


  1. They are so beautiful,Sonya!

  2. Thanks so much, Antonia and Fabio!

  3. These are all so fresh and lovely, Sonya. Great work!

  4. These are wonderful, Sonya! Love the colors - and especially the sense of movement in your clouds.

  5. Darla and Debbie - thank you ladies so much for your kind comments! Clouds are sort of difficult to paint even from a photo, but as a constantly changing subject on location, it's even harder. Really good practice, though :).


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