Friday, July 9, 2010

Sky Friday - March 1 sunset

Boy - a week has already gone by without me posting.   The wiltingly hot and humid weather we've been having here this week has put a damper on my desire to paint in the studio room, which has no a/c, and my latest not working.

So, in lieu of posting failed paintings, I'll stick with more successful photos.

Today's post was one of the dedicated sunset shoots I went on, in late winter.   The sky looked promising early on, so instead of being limited to snapshots of pretty clouds from the confines of the Jonquil's courtyard, I hit the road.  Back in late December, I'd discovered a dirt road by the name Misty Ray, that was off Hwy 90 towards Sierra Vista.  I've taken other photos along that same road, and being situated in a basin, it offers 360 degrees of mountain views.  Glorious.

The sunset wasn't one of those high-drama types, as the clouds were primarily some high-level bands of cirrus and some mid-level altocumulus, which are variable as far as potential for intense color production.  Nonetheless, the skies did not disappoint.  Some of these photos actually remind me of paintings.

Early evening 
An altocumulus cloud, seen over San Jose Peak, shows off the muted tones and warm grays of the setting sun in this view to the south.  Cirrus clouds form an amorphous layer in the upper sky, adding a sense of depth.

Cloud line to the north
These scattered groups of altocumulus form a sweep across the sky, their varying colors giving 
an indication of the location of the sun.

A small cluster of altocumulus offers colors and sharp edges against the muted bands of the cirrus clouds over the northern part of the Huachucas.

A pastel sky
Rosy pinks and pale mauve-grays fill the sky in this view to the northwest.  The Whetstones make up the distal range on the left side of the photo.

Final light over the Huachucas
Cirrus clouds peak in their color against the silhouetted forms of the snow-covered Huachucas.


  1. I always like coming here to get my dose of gorgeous skies.
    Rumi says hi. Oh, and he actually is not real big on hugs. However, he does love to be tickled, and when he's asleep he likes it if you come and put your face in his warm white tummy (irresistible).

  2. Oh, I'm glad you liked these photos! I never tire of looking at them, but that's because I was there. I guess the mark of a successful photo is being able to bring someone else there.

    Rumi not into funny! Nelson is the opposite - loves hugs, but rub on his tummy and that is asking to have your hand grabbed and vigorously peddled by his hind feet while he bites (not hard, though - he loves to play). Cat tummies are simply irresistible - agreed!


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