Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer flower series: Lilies

Today is the last day I'll have access to my computer and the internet for possibly up to a week, as we are loading the truck tomorrow and leaving Tuesday morning (thankfully, we aren't driving it!).  So, I'm going to load up multiple posts for the week.  Mostly photos, but  hopefully some paintings.

They'll be a bit light on the commentary, but I doubt anyone will mind.  And a range of subjects, just to mix it up a bit.

I hope everyone enjoys these posts over the next week.  Next live post will be from Durango!

First is a selection of lilies, which are the quintessential summer flower here.  Beautiful, colorful and in a wide variety of shapes, it's easy to see their popularity.  They are abundant in gardens, and the orange daylily has escaped cultivation and is found along roadsides.

These were all taken during walkabouts in my neighborhood.  I've done some PP to a few.


Oriental lily

Small yellow daylily

Peach daylily

Detail of Oriental lily

Dark pink daylily 

Orange daylily

White Oriental lily

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