Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Field

A minor departure from the ocean/reflections theme here, although there will be another to post tomorrow.

This is from the monthly Spotlight Challenge on WC's pastel forum.  The subject for July is "trees", and I chose an image taken by the challenge host, Paula Ford, of a field in her state of TN.  I was drawn to its simple shapes and strong values.  

It's on the home-made surface of 140# watercolor paper and Golden fine pumice ground, untinted.  In lieu of that, I used an alcohol wash underpainting.  I was aiming for a more golden color, as shown in the underpainting, but it didn't work out that way.  This would be a reference that would lend itself to a series of paintings, actually....

"Summer Field"



  1. I really like these Sonya - the top one captures the light so well.

  2. Hi Lisa - thanks for stopping by; I appreciate it! I agree - the light is what makes a simple scene like this interesting, and another reason I was drawn to the photo initially.


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